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Coming to the Concert Saturday? Bring a Coat for the Clothing Drive with UNIQLO

UNIQLO NY Philharmonic Young People's Concerts

Ludwig van Brrthoven, earlier

This Saturday, come in from the cold and enjoy the Young People's Concert with the young people in your life. Titled Super Sonic Music Box: “Orchestra Transformed,” the concert features the Silk Road Ensemble, who, with the Philharmonic, will celebrate influences and instruments from different cultures.

You'll hear a gaita, a Galician (Spain) bagpipe instrument, and a suona, a Chinese wind instrument, and works by composers ranging from Mozart to Kojiro Umezaki and Sapo Perapaskero. 

We invite you to bring an old winter coat or other gently used clothes and drop them in one of the bins around Avery Fisher Hall. Volunteers from UNIQLO, which sponsors this season's Young People's Concerts and is dressing the Orchestra for them, will distribute them at New York City Homeless Shelters. 

The concert's at 2:00 p.m., but be sure to come at 1:00 for YPC Overtures, a mix of fun musical activities throughout the hall. Follow the first link above for info, a podcast, and TuneUp educational program notes.

(Photo: Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts)

UNIQLO To Dress Orchestra for Young People's Concerts — Match Colors with Your Favorite Section!

UNIQLO NY Philharmonic

Starting Saturday, UNIQLO will dress the Orchestra for Young People's Concerts (YPCs). Strings will be dressed in red or pink; brass in blue; woodwinds in green; percussion in orange; and the harp and keyboard in light blue. Children are invited to come dressed in the color of their favorite section!

In addition, UNIQLO and the New York Philharmonic are conducting a clothing drive for New York City homeless shelters during this season's YPCs in Avery Fisher Hall. Please bring gently used clothing and place them in the bins located on the Grand Promenade. UNIQLO and the Philharmonic have also donated 50 tickets for Saturday's YPC to the New York City Department of Homeless Services.

Arrive early for YPC Overtures, new features that let you engage with the Orchestra — in person, through live performance, and on-screen:

1:00–1:30 PM: Orchestra Meet and Greet on the Grand Promenade

1:00–1:45 PM: Storytime in the Helen Huntigton Hull Room, 2nd Tier (recommended for children ages 7 and under)

1:10–1:30 PM: Very Young Composers Showcase in the hall

1:30–2:00 PM: YPC Countdown in the hall

Click here for info plus a podcast and TuneUp! learning materials that you can enjoy whether or not you can join us Saturday.

PHOTOS: Philharmonic Teaching Artists Begin Season at Fall Retreat

The Philharmonic’s Teaching Artist Faculty recently kicked off its 21st season with their annual Fall Retreat at the Bronx’s beautiful and inspiring New York Botanical Garden

This group of talented musicians and high-level educators, who serve the Philharmonic Schools and Very Young Composers programs, gathered on September 17 & 18 for a series of professional-development workshops that tackled both musical and educational topics. Drawing inspiration from the surrounding gardens, the faculty made creative connections between nature and their work in the schools. 

Their work also focused on this year’s theme, Intrinsic Motivation, exploring Daniel Pink’s three essential elements of intrinsic motivation: autonomy, mastery, and purpose (discussed in his book Drive) and Carol Dweck’s research on how fixed versus growth mindsets impact learning. 

Thus armed, our Teaching Artist Faculty swings into high gear spreading their new insights and renewed energy across New York City’s five boroughs to their 200 partner teachers and 5,000 students.

Below: The New York Philharmonic Teaching Artist Faculty gathers for its annual Fall Retreat, this year at the New York Botanical Garden.

NY Philharmonic Teaching Artists Fall Retreat

Below: Teaching Artists Andrew Roitstein (left) and Erin Wight (right) compose a short piece as part of a workshop that will help them better understand how Mendelssohn uses repetition in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the focus of this year’s Young People’s Concert™ for Schools.

NY Philharmonic Teaching Artists Fall Retreat

Below: Teaching artists and apprentices (from left clockwise: Jihea Hong-Park, Justin Hines, Amanda Hudson, Stephen Dunn, Paul Murphy, and Katie Kresek) explore the links between mastery and intrinsic motivation.

NY Philharmonic Teaching Artists Fall Retreat

Below: The New York Philharmonic Teaching Artist Faculty gains new understanding on the topic of intrinsic motivation as they lead and participate in a series of mini-workshops in different gardens throughout the New York Botanical Garden grounds.

NY Philharmonic Teaching Artists Fall Retreat

Just Released: Leonard Bernstein's Young People's Concerts Volume 2

Young Person's Concerts Vol 2 

Volume 2 of the New York Philharmonic's Young People's Concerts with Leonard Bernstein — featuring 27 digitally restored videos of the landmark televised concerts on nine DVDs — is now available for purchase through the New York Philharmonic's e-store, Amazon, and other major retailers. Our e-store has a lot of other good things, so check it out for holiday shopping.

This is the first release of Young People's Concerts in more than 20 years, following Volume 1 in 1993; the entire series of Bernstein's Young People's Concerts is now available on DVD.

The concerts featured in the set, released by Kultur International Films, took place between 1960–72 and cover a broad range of musical topics and composers including Copland, Ives, Bach, Liszt, Strauss, and more. The new set also features nine Young Performers programs with a young André Watts, Paula Robison, and Lynn Harrell, among others.

Forever Becky Young

Becky Young and Bernstein

Before she became the Philharmonic's Associate Principal Viola, before she became host of the Very Young People's Concerts, Rebecca Young hobnobbed with Leonard Bernstein at a Young People's Concert back when she was a young person herself.

As host of the VYPCs, Becky says she gets to "run around the stage in a fun and lively way, engaging our youngest concert-goers as we introduce them to classical music."

Photo courtesy of the New York Philharmonic Digital Archives.

Birthday Case

Case Scaglione

Join us in wishing a very happy birthday to NY Phil Assistant Conductor Case Scaglione. He’s had a big year, stepping in to lead the first work on a program for a conductor who was stuck in traffic; taking the podium to lead music by Stravinsky and Shostakovich; and leading Young People’s Concerts and School Day Concerts. And that was just at the Philharmonic! He has spent his summer away from Avery Fisher Hall leading orchestras from Baltimore to Shanghai. Get to know the Texas native, and check out his upcoming schedule.

Photo: Chris Lee