The Volunteer Council was created in 1980 to coordinate the talent, time, and energy of people who care about music and the New York Philharmonic. We are grateful to have such dedicated volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Philharmonic’s Volunteer Council, please visit this page.

Executive Committee

  • President
    Brett Kelly
    Gift Kiosks

  • Vice President
    Joan Conner
    Donor Rehearsals

    Vice President / Secretary
    Audrey Drillich
    Guest Services
    Parks Concerts

    Vice President
    Suellen Ettinger
    Volunteer Experience

    Vice President
    Ellen Haas
    Information Technology

    Vice President
    Maida Hirschkorn
    Meetings & Receptions
    Patron Lounge

    Vice President
    Jennifer Noble
    Adele Young Orchestra and Staff Luncheons
    Membership / Mentoring

    Immediate Past President
    Dede Rothenberg

Steering Committee

  • Adele Young Orchestra and Staff Luncheons
    Simone Belda
    Gloria Goldberg

  • Auditions
    Sara Sadin

  • Book Kiosk
    Carolyn Ramsdal

  • Education
    Kathy Emery
    Mike Leigh
    Nona Ventry

  • Gift / Logo Kiosks
    Candice Grief
    Judy Smith

  • Historian
    Ann Seifert

  • Hospitality
    Matt Feinstein

  • Meetings and Receptions
    Linda Rogers

  • Membership / Mentoring
    Katrina Hering
    Dede Rothenberg
    Pam Stewart

  • Newsletter
    Barry Schwartz
    Norman Feit
    Leah Williams

  • Donor Rehearsals
    Ann Seifert

  • Parks Concert
    Carolyn Ramsdal
    Nona Ventry

  • Patron Lounge
    Gerry Becker
    Tom Buffkin

  • Shadow Executive Committee
    Josh Braid
    Susan Casden
    Tristan Dresbach
    Carolyn Ramsdal
    Kuo Tsu
    Ricki Wasserman
    Roberta Wohle
    Jean Ziperski

  • Special Correspondence
    William Gerdes

  • Tour Packets
    Laura Bronson
    Barry Schwartz
    Doris Schwartz
    Norman Feit

  • Volunteer Experience
    Dede Rothenberg
    Ann Seifert