Thank You

The Philharmonic has flourished for almost two centuries thanks to the generous support of our donors, who realize the immense value that music holds for us all.

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Campaign Donors

The Philharmonic is grateful for the outstanding generosity of the leadership donors who have supported our comprehensive campaigns since September 2014.

Gifts of $30 million or more

Oscar L. Tang and H.M. Agnes Hsu-Tang
Didi and Oscar S. Schafer
Leni and Peter May

Gifts of $20 million or more

The Pershing Square Foundation, Bill Ackman and Neri Oxman
Laura Chang and Arnold Chavkin
Richard and Karen LeFrak Foundation

Gifts of $10 million or more

Starr International Foundation
Daria L. and Eric J. Wallach
Klara and Larry A. Silverstein
Harold Mitchell AC
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. J. Christopher Flowers

Gifts of $7.5 million or more

Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Foundation
Mary and James G. Wallach Foundation
Linda and Mitch Hart
Ronnie P. Ackman and Lawrence D. Ackman*

Gifts of $5 million or more

Katherine and Gary W. Parr
Susan and Elihu Rose
Daisy and Paul* Soros
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Ulrich

Gifts of $3.5 million or more

Jariya Wanapun and Arthur Chu
Kristen and Alexander Klabin
Honey M. Kurtz
BNY Mellon
Marijke and Lodewijk de Vink
Charles C. Y. Chen
1 Anonymous Donor

Gifts of $2 million or more

Hobson/Lucas Family Foundation
Christian and Heidi* Lange
Joan and Joel I. Picket
Donald A. Pels Charitable Trust
The Starr Foundation
Michele and Marty Cohen
Toos and Hira Daruvala
Peter Gross

Gifts of $1 million or more

Elizabeth and Frank Newman
Mitsui & Co. (U.S.A.), Inc.
Donna and Marvin Schwartz
The Hermione Foundation, Laura J. Sloate Trustee
Charles F. and Anne M. Niemeth
Gurnee and Marjorie Hart
Mr. and Mrs. Stanford S. Warshawsky
Martin and Toni Sosnoff
Shirley Young*, US-China Cultural Foundation
1 Anonymous Donor

* Deceased

As of 11/15/2022

Annual Support

The support of each and every New York Philharmonic donor allows us to offer our audiences the finest performances throughout the season. We extend special thanks to those who over the last year made gifts and in-kind contributions towards our creative artistic endeavors, impactful education programs, and dynamic special events. To contribute or for more information, please contact Luke Gay, Director of Development, at or (212) 875-5942..

  • Gifts of $150,000 or More
    GIFTS OF $500,000 OR MORE
    Mrs. Veronica Atkins
    Laura Chang and Arnold Chavkin
    Linda and Mitch Hart
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Johnson
    Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Foundation
    Leni and Peter May
    Didi and Oscar S. Schafer
    Oscar L. Tang and H.M. Agnes Hsu-Tang
    Mary and James G. Wallach Foundation
    2 Anonymous Donors

    GIFTS OF $250,000 OR MORE
    Dr. Kathryn Beal
    The Berry Charitable Foundation
    Misook Doolittle
    Claudio X. González
    The Hite Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Kravis
    Evalyn E. and Stephen E. Milman
    Harold Mitchell AC
    Susan and Elihu Rose
    Donna and Marvin Schwartz
    Klara and Larry A. Silverstein
    Tiger Baron Foundation
    Barbara and Donald* Tober
    Daria L. and Eric J. Wallach
    1 Anonymous Donor

    GIFTS OF $200,000 OR MORE
    Mr.* and Mrs. Lawrence D. Ackman
    Angela Chen, China Arts Society
    Jariya Wanapun and Arthur Chu
    Peter Gross
    Kristen and Alexander Klabin
    Suzie and Bruce Kovner
    Honey M. Kurtz
    Christian and Heidi* Lange
    Billie and Ross McKnight
    Margo M. and James L. Nederlander
    Donald A. Pels Charitable Trust
    Joan and Joel I. Picket
    Reservoir Media, Inc.
    Daisy and Paul* Soros
    Mrs. Sylvia Tóth
    Mr. Richard Tsai and Ms. Maggie Ueng Tsai
    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Ulrich

    GIFTS OF $150,000 OR MORE
    Marijke and Lodewijk de Vink
    Diana K. Johnson: In honor of Avery Fisher
    Beth and Christopher Kojima
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. LeFrak
    Katherine and Gary W. Parr
    Joan and Joel* Smilow

    * Deceased

    As of 11/15/22

  • Gifts of $25,000 or More
    GIFTS OF $100,000 OR MORE
    Brodsky Family Foundation
    The Carson Family Charitable Trust
    Judith and Stewart Colton
    Toos and Hira Daruvala
    Valerie Dillon and Daniel Lewis: In honor of Isaac Thompson
    The Margaret Enoch Foundation
    Edna Mae* and Leroy Fadem
    Guenther E. Greiner
    Gurnee and Marjorie Hart
    The John R. and Joyce McC. Hupper Charitable Trust
    Peter Jungen
    Ralph W.* and Leona Kern
    Martin and Melanie Kirschner
    Terri and Jerry Kohl
    Elizabeth and Frank Newman
    Charles F. and Anne M. Niemeth
    Carol and Chuck Schaefer

    GIFTS OF $75,000 OR MORE
    Deane A. and John D. Gilliam
    Paul J. Sekhri, Mark Duvall Gude, and the Sekhri Family Foundation
    Mr.* and Mrs. Howard Solomon
    1 Anonymous Donor

    GIFTS OF $50,000 OR MORE
    Marilyn and Robert Abrams
    The Hilaria and Alec Baldwin Foundation
    Michele and Martin Cohen
    Peter D. and Julie Fisher Cummings Family Foundation
    Sally E. Cummins
    Katherine Farley and Jerry I. Speyer / Tishman Speyer
    Rosalind and Eugene J. Glaser
    Suzan Gordon
    Joan B. Gossner
    Jaye Penny Gould Foundation
    Ralph Heins
    Michael P. N. A. Hormel
    Barbara and Amos Hostetter
    Barbara Ehrlich and Stuart M. Johnson
    Hiroko Eshelman Rawald
    Carol and Lawrence Zicklin
    2 Anonymous Donors

    GIFTS OF $35,000 OR MORE
    Noreen and Kenneth Buckfire
    Violet and Christopher Eagan
    Cynthia and Herbert Fields
    Sheree A. and Gerald L. Friedman
    Barbara and Peter Georgescu
    Valeria González Guajardo
    Muna and Basem Hishmeh
    Steven J. Jensen and Mark Grace
    Bernard M. Plum
    Vicki and Charles Raeburn
    In memory of Roberta C. Solowey
    Angee and Jerry Stonehouse
    1 Anonymous Donor

    GIFTS OF $25,000 OR MORE
    Deborah and Charles Adelman
    Steven Aresty
    James A. Attwood, Jr. and
    Leslie K. Williams
    Elizabeth Bacot-Aigner and John Velling
    Mrs. Mercedes T. Bass
    Sandra and Harvey Benenson
    Mr. and Mrs. J. Truman Bidwell, Jr.
    The Honorable* and Mrs. Donald Blinken
    Charles C. Y. Chen
    Betsy and Ed Cohen / Areté Foundation
    Martha and Jonathan Cohen
    Mr. and Mrs. J. Christopher Flowers
    Mr. and Mrs. John French III
    Mr. and Mrs. Trevor B. Gibbons
    Allan* and Marilyn Glick
    Maurice and Corinne Greenberg
    Isabel Greiner
    Jennifer and Bud Gruenberg
    Jan M. Guifarro
    Martha Hall
    Barbara Haws and William Josephson
    Daniel M. Healy
    Mr. Derek Hu and Mrs. Malena Zhang
    Joan and Mike* Kahn
    Temma and Alfred Kingsley
    Fernand Lamesch and Mary Pisacane
    Amanda and Thomas Lister
    George Loening
    Federico R. Lopez
    Hsiu Ling Lu and Ivan Cheah
    Ed and Kathy Ludwig
    Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Mercy, Jr.
    Phyllis and Slade Mills
    Rosalind Miranda
    C. Jay Moorhead Foundation
    Gunda Narang
    Linda and Stuart* Nelson
    Judy and Jim Pohlman
    Leon Ramakers
    Margitta Rose
    Barbara and John* Samuelson
    Mrs. Julio Mario Santo Domingo
    Dr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Sculco
    Florence L. Seligman
    The Hermione Foundation, Laura J. Sloate Trustee
    Kay and Jackson Tai
    Sara Tecchia
    Theresa S. Thompson
    Erik and Cornelia Thomsen
    Rukiye Devres Unver
    Deborah and Thomas Wallace
    Susanne Wamsler
    Jonathan Weiss and Barbara Asch
    Robert W. Wilson Charitable Trust
    Dr. Chiona Xanthopoulou-Schwarz
    Claudio and Simona Zampa
    1 Anonymous Donor

    * Deceased

    As of 11/15/22

  • Gifts of $2,500 or More
    GIFTS OF $20,000 OR MORE
    Susan Augustyn and Glenn Schiller
    Selma Bornstein
    Betsy L. Cohn
    The Frehse Family
    Cary J. Frieze
    Donna and Benjamin M. Rosen
    Simon Yates and Kevin Roon
    1 Anonymous Donor

    GIFTS OF $15,000 OR MORE
    Judy Hart Angelo and John M. Angelo*: In honor of Karen LeFrak
    Robert and Margaret Burbidge
    Roger E. Burke
    Andrea Loshin Colby
    Mr. Yehuda and Mrs. Rebecca Even-Zohar
    Bailey Foote
    Dr. Ian Friedland
    Robert F. Gossett, Jr.
    Steven L. Holley
    Barbara and A. Eugene Kohn / Kohn Pedersen Fox
    Beverley and Frank MacInnis
    The Omer Foundation
    Daniel Padnos and Dexter Phillip
    Mary Catherine and Trevor K. Person
    Dr. and Mrs. Peter Som
    Mrs. Riska Platt Wanago
    Johanna Weber
    Lucille Werlinich
    Joyce L. West
    Neil Westreich
    Nanar and Tony Yoseloff
    1 Anonymous Donor

    GIFTS OF $10,000 OR MORE
    Linda and Earle Altman
    Helen and Robert* Appel
    Argos Fund
    Ann and Daniel Bernstein
    Eli and Roberta Bluestone
    Lauren Blum and C. William Merten
    Amanda and Charles Brainerd
    Frances and Leo Bretter
    John and Rosemary Brown Family Foundation
    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Clinton
    Peggy and Dick Danziger
    Douglas Durst
    Mr. and Mrs. Reginal Dynasty
    Peter and Vivian Falco
    Eunice Forman, in loving memory of Milton Forman
    Colin Gardner and Erika Faust
    Aurora and Gabe Gelman
    James Gleick
    Barbara Goldstein
    Benjamin Hildner
    Dr. Bruce C. Horten
    Ellen and Lewis* Kaden
    Thomas L. Kempner and Katheryn C. Patterson
    Gail Kittenplan: In memory of Stephen Kittenplan
    Mrs. H. Frederick Krimendahl, II
    Cynthia and Anthony Lamport
    Jonathan E. Lehman
    Donna and Jeffrey Lenobel
    Frank and Patricia Lenti
    Mr. Arthur L. Loeb
    Dr. Andrew T. Lupo, Jr. and Mrs. Andrea S. Lupo
    Gerald C. McNamara and Renée K. Petrofes
    Miller Khoshkish Foundation
    Claire Molloy and Seth Lloyd
    Yale I. Paprin: In memory of Larry Ackman
    Dr. and Mrs. Kalmon D. Post
    Ms. Lorna Power
    Dr. Mark Pruzanski and Mara Kaplan Pruzanski
    Dr. Cheryl Rubin and Mr. Gordon Borteck
    Ruth* and Milton Rubin
    Caroline F. Schimmel
    The Schonberger Family Foundation: In memory of Eli and Lois
    Ruth and Julian Schroeder
    Susan Schuur
    Cherie Gillette Sigward
    Marilyn Skony Stamm
    Julie and David M. Tobey
    Herbert and Svetlana Wachtell Foundation
    Peggy P. Yannas and Andrew M. Wallach
    Carolan Workman
    2 Anonymous Donors

    GIFTS OF $5,500 OR MORE
    Bert and Gloria Abrams
    Stefan and Jan Abrams
    Kathi and Peter Arnow
    Guy and Nora Barron
    Chris and Francesca Beale
    Herschel Beazley
    Jayne and Paul Becker
    The Leonard Bernstein Office
    Murat Beyazit
    Dennis and Susan Bunder
    Douglas Bunim
    Mr. and Mrs. Howard Campbell
    Judith Champion* and Mel Litoff
    Judy Chasanoff
    Leona Clague and Yonatan Arbel
    Cornelia and Stewart Clifford
    David and Dena Clossey
    Barbara and H. Rodgin Cohen
    Jeffrey L. Cohen
    Vicki Cook and William Fotino
    Bruce Cooper and Franklin Santarelli
    Dr. Frances R. Curcio
    Connie and Steve Delehanty
    Aashish and Dinny Devitre
    Charna and Tony DiSanto
    Rebecca and Martin Eisenberg
    Mr. and Mrs. Anthony B. Evnin
    Phyllis Rich Feder: In honor of Benjamin Feder
    Blaine* and Diane Fogg
    Andrew Frackman and Emily Braun
    The Eric Friedheim Foundation
    Karen and Henry Glanternik
    Sunny and Brad Goldberg
    Marilynn and Willis Goldsmith
    John F. Green
    Molly Butler Hart and Michael D. Griffin
    Edmund A. and Arlene* Grossman
    Jane and Randy* Guggenheimer
    Russel Hamilton
    Lynne and Harold Handler
    Anita K. Hersh
    Gregory Ho and Linda Sanchez
    Lenore and Michael Hyatt
    Keri Jackson and Adrian Kunzle
    Nancy Steeger Jennings
    Alfred and Sally Jones
    Derrick T. Jordan
    Marina Kalb and David Feinberg
    Robert M. Kaye
    Mrs. William J. (Ann Pfohl) Kirby
    Ann* and Dan Kolb
    The Kosloff Foundation
    Barry and Jill Lafer
    Peter and Lauren Lese
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lisanti
    Jane Lombard
    Sivia Loria
    Helen Mantel
    Carol and Daniel F. Marcus
    Richard and Ronay Menschel
    Mr. David Mirkin and Mrs. Karen Piacentini
    Karl Moller
    Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Munera
    Alice K. Netter*
    Stanley Newman and Dr. Brian Rosenthal
    Mr.* and Mrs. Peter P. Nitze
    Akemi Nozaki and Westbrook Johnson
    Susan Porter
    Dr. Robert Press
    Mr. John Raggio and Dr. Donna Kesselman
    Dr. Gary and Deborah Raizes
    Naoko and Spencer Reames
    Arthur and Susan Rebell
    Karen and Gary Rose
    Joan L. and Reade H. Ryan
    Raphael Samuel
    Eduardo Sánchez-Iriarte R.
    Susan and Arnold Scharf
    M. Schwaller
    Mr. and Mrs. Stanley DeForest Scott
    Kathleen Scott
    The Helena Segy Foundation
    Michael A. Sennott
    László Seress
    Stefanie W. Sheehan
    Irene and Fred* Shen
    Solender Family Funds
    Elaine* and Stephen Stamas
    Nancy and Burton Staniar
    Karen Steinberg
    Susan K. and Jeffrey M. Stern
    Virginia K. Stowe
    Flora Suter: In memory of George Suter
    The Svrcek Foundation
    Judy E. Tenney
    Leo J. Tick
    Sue Ann Weinberg
    Kimba Wood and Frank Richardson
    Patrick B. Woods
    Shannon Wu and Joseph Kahn
    6 Anonymous Donors

    GIFTS OF $3,500 OR MORE
    Virginia Aaron
    Caryl and Herbert Ackerman
    Katherine and Paul S. Adler
    Kim and David Adler
    Cristina Alger Wang
    Mimi and Barry J. Alperin
    Anthony Anemone and Vivian Pyle
    Erik and Gard Anestad
    Karen and Greg Arenson
    Kavita and Lalit Bahl
    Janice and David Barnard
    Caryl Hudson Baron
    David and Sheila Barrett
    Marion and Sam Bass
    Marta Benach
    Daniel and Vivian* Bernstein
    Dr. and Mrs. Mark Bevan
    Eric Blair-Joannou
    Margot and Jerry Bogert
    Edith S. Bouriez: In support of the Heritage Society
    Andrew Breland
    Cynthia D. Brodsky
    Timothy and Mary Brosnan
    Luisa Guembes-Buchanan
    Mr.* and Mrs. Bruce R. Burton
    Sergey Butkevich and Irina Gulina
    Judge and Mrs. James R. Case
    Hilary Cecil-Jordan
    Calvin Cheng
    Dr. Miguel Antonio Cima
    Isabel E. Collins
    Nathalie and Marshall Cox
    Isabella De Piero
    Barbara M. Deacon
    Laura DeMarco
    Jennie L. and Richard K. DeScherer
    Inanna Donnelley
    Mary Ellen Dundon
    Rosalyn and Irwin Engelman
    Fiona Morgan Fein
    Arthur F. Ferguson
    Michael Finkelstein and Sue-Ann Friedman
    Polly and Bob Flanigan
    Fredrica S. and Stephen J. Friedman
    Aryeh Friedman
    Hasan and Elinor Garan
    Claudio and Renata Garcia / Garcia Family Foundation
    Kari and Stephen Gauster: In memory of Donald and Joanne Asperheim
    Merwin Geffen, M.D.* and Norman Solomon, M.D.
    Nicole Giannini
    Shaun M. Gilboy
    Shirley and David Ginzberg
    In memory of Hope Perry Goldstein
    Patricia Gould and Hasan Karslioglu
    Susan and Edward Greenberg
    Mr. L. Jay Grossman
    Susan Gullia
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Hall
    Beverly L. Hamilton
    Micalyn S. Harris and Dr. Louis J. Cutrona, Jr.
    Dr. David Harris
    Phyllis Heilborn
    Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan N. Helfat
    Michael and Lesley Heller
    Susan and Robert Hermanos
    Joel Hershey and Roy Eddey
    Linda and Steven Hill
    Diane and Kenneth Hipkins
    Diane Deschamps Hockstader
    Dr. Sally Hodder
    Timothy Hughes
    Elihu* and Harriet Inselbuch
    Dr. Betty S. Iu
    Susan G. Jacoby
    Mr.* and Mrs. Arnold Jurdem
    Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kahaner
    Natalie Katz: In memory of Murray S. Katz
    Yukako Kawata
    Sylvie Kimche
    Arthur Klebanoff and Susan Hirschhorn
    Rosalind Kochman
    Thomas Lalla
    Mary and John LaMattina
    Dr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Lane
    Arthur S. Leonard
    Dr. Martin and Rosanne Leshner
    Betty and John A. Levin
    Jeremy Levine and Yael Taqqu
    Stuart E. Leyton and Linda M. Wambaugh
    Amy and Frank Linde
    Mrs. Helen Little
    The Litwin Foundation
    Alex Christian Maccaro
    Bernice Manocherian
    Joanna Maravel
    Ellen F. Marcus
    Maria-Teresa Mata
    Sorrell and Barbara Mathes
    Mary Willis White and Paul Means
    Fred and Judie Mopsik
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Morgan
    Melissa and Chappy Morris
    Mr. and Mrs. Lester S. Morse
    Kenneth Mroczek, MD
    Donald Mullen
    Sophia and James Mullen
    Constance Hoguet Neel and Richard Neel
    Maxwell Neely-Cohen & Jessie Char
    Mr. and Mrs. Don H. Nelson
    Alfred and Judith Netter
    Arlette and Claude Nicaise
    Joan B. O’Connor
    Glenn and Linda Ostrander
    Barry Ostrowsky
    Sabine Padar
    Michael and Gabrielle Palitz
    Amy Sherman- Palladino and Daniel Palladino
    Maria Cristina Patron
    Juliet and Russel Patterson
    Dr. David Payne and Mrs. Nancy Payne
    Amy and John Peckham
    Doug and Teresa Peterson
    Andrea and Andy Potash
    Dr. Martha J. Radford
    Dr. Robert B. Raiber and Abbie Newman
    Janet Ramsdal Thanks Jon Deak
    Dr. Everett R. Reff: In loving memory of Elaine Helena Reff
    Dana and Richard Reimer
    Susan Rochlis
    Drs. Walt A. and Jeanne R. Roll
    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rosen
    Missy and Allen Rosenshine
    Rebecca Rosow
    Ellen Rossen
    Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Rothman
    Nancy B. Rubinger
    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen I. Rudin
    Peter Sabino and Elizabeth Sabino-Rice
    Anne H. and Robert D. Sack
    Paul H. Scarbrough, Akustiks, LLC.
    Betty and Paul Schaffer
    Richard E. Scheid
    Mark J. Schiff
    Sanford J. Schlesinger and Lianne Lazetera
    Mr. and Mrs. Marc D. Schneider
    Ms. Maxine R. Schweitzer
    Veronica H. Sessler
    The Silfen Family and The Waterfall Family Foundation
    Esther Simon Charitable Trust
    Joshua and Geula Solomon
    Barbara and Richard Solomon
    Ellen and Isaac Sonsino
    Dr. and Mrs. Alan B. Sperber
    Susan Stamler
    Connie Steensma and Richard Prins
    Marlene Steger: In loving memory of Arthur M. Bernhardt
    Phyllis and Bernard Sussman
    James R. Swenson and Joyce P. Gurzynski
    Sheila C. Swigert
    Dr. and Mrs. Jaime Sznajder
    Catherine Tenney
    Stephen and Lynda Tepperman
    Susan Termohlen and Scott Kaspick
    Carol Tobin
    Marsha Tosk and Seymour Ubell
    J. Ronald and Florence Trost
    Lisa Van Curen
    Jacobus van Heerden
    Robert Warshaw
    Sara Webster
    Barbara M. Weisz
    Susan L. West
    Carole and Randolph Williams
    John J. Yarmick
    Dr. Alan Zients and Dr. Ronda Shaw
    Janet Zinberg and Joel Zinberg:
    In memory of Arthur D. Zinberg
    10 Anonymous Donors

    GIFTS OF $2,500 OR MORE
    The Adnim Foundation
    Ms. Glyn Aeppel
    Jacqueline and Joseph Aguanno
    Jean-Claude Aime
    Donald R. Allen and Mildred Munich
    Mihoko Alster
    Mr. and Mrs. Sumner E. Anderson
    Donald Appel
    Paul Asman and Jill Lenoble
    Barbara Aubrey
    Daniel Ayers and Tony Seguino
    Eva and Frank Bachrach
    Joe Baio and Anne Griffin
    Michael A. Bamberger
    Joanna and Simon Barouch
    Christine Batty
    Helaine and Rick Beckerman
    Timothy M. Beckman
    Mary and Thomas Belding
    Mr. and Mrs. T.G. Berk
    Andrew and Kathy Berkman
    Barbara Berliner and Sol Rymer
    Mrs. Joyce C. Berman and Mr. Douglas Miller
    Steven and Ann Berzin
    Janie and Thomas Bezanson
    Barry Bienstock
    Mary Billard and Barry Cooper
    Joan A. Binstock and David N. Silvers MD
    Dorothy Black
    Ms. Franci Blassberg and Mr. Joseph L. Rice, III
    Allison Blinken
    Meg and Owen Boger
    Deborah Bohr and James Oakes
    Barbara and Gary Brandt
    Carol and Robert Braun
    Elizabeth and Stan Brimberg
    Herve Bronnimann and Mari Kimura
    Gertrude and Julius Brown
    Clyde and Diane Brownstone
    Paul and Rodica Burg
    Judith and Robert Burger
    David Calderone
    Pamela and Richard* Cantor
    Donald Capoccia
    Claire and Howard Caretto
    Mr. and Mrs. Edmund M. Carpenter
    Karen and George Carteris
    Judith Tytel Catalano and Douglas Catalano
    Ken Cera
    Elisbeth Challener and Brett Bachman
    Kenneth H. Chase
    Audrey and Jerry* Chatzky
    Annamaria Cherubin
    Steven Chicoine and Babette Ceccotti
    Edward M. Chikofsky: In memory of Elise Solomon
    David C. Chou
    Amy and Gary Churgin
    Marian and James H. Cohen
    Joel and Lois Coleman
    Drs. Bobbi and Barry Coller
    Catherine and John Colton
    Ravi Coltrane
    Lena Sinha-Connolly and Michael Connolly
    Camille Cooper and Kenneth Rossner
    Allison Corish
    Denise Cote
    Robert J. Cubitto and Ellen R. Nadler
    Dr. Michael Cucka
    Aaron Cunningham
    Lisa A. Cutler and David J. Grais
    Harper Danesh LLC
    Curtis Darbasie
    Irene Rosner David: In memory of Dr. Raphael David
    Lenore and Robert Davis
    John Dellosso
    Dr. Victoria DeMeo
    Howard Dillon and Nell Dillon-Ermers
    Robert C. Dinerstein
    Shiau-uen Ding
    Dippin’ Dots NYC
    Carol G. Dornbush
    Dr. Esuna Dugarova
    Rachel and Oded E’dan
    Terri Edersheim and B. Robert Meyer
    Elaine Katz Edlin
    Christopher James Egerton
    Leslie Eichner
    George and Virginia Elvin
    Charles and Amy Entelis
    Esther G. Enterline
    Mark L. Epstein
    Julia Catherine Erdman
    William Erhardt and William Boltz
    Robert Erlanger
    Suellen Ettinger
    Edward V. Evanick
    Richard and Cecelia Fabbro
    Patricia and Edward Falkenberg
    Anna and Jim Fantaci
    Najwa Fayoumi
    Anonymous: In memory of George Feher
    Ronald Feiman and Dr. Hilary Ronner
    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Feinberg
    Norman Feit and Shishaldin Hanlen
    Prof. and Mrs. Meyer Feldberg
    Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Fennelly
    Peter Finder
    Marci and Paul Finger
    Charles and Susana H. Finkel
    Dr. Cheryl Fishbein and Philip Schatten
    Edward Fishwick
    Pamela E. Flaherty
    Ellen S. Flamm and Richard Peterson
    Irvine and Elizabeth Flinn
    Kyle G. Foley
    Dr. and Mrs. Roland Folter
    Brandon Fradd
    Drs. Joseph Franciosa and Robin J. McGarry
    Sherry and Bruce Frankel
    Giulia Franzoso
    Elizabeth C. French
    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Friedman
    Dr. Judith Friedman
    James and Jill Gabbe
    Barbara Gallay
    Johanna* and Leslie Garfield
    Pamela Garvin
    Dr. Marc D. Geller and Gail Fellus
    Gladys George and Stuart Orsher
    Mrs. Carol Gertz
    Elliot and Deborah Gibber
    Maxine and Marvin Gilbert
    Amy Gillenson and James D. Fornari
    The Gittings Family
    Edythe Gladstein
    Alice Gleason
    Carol Gold
    Goldie Anna Charitable Trust
    Ira and Linda Goldman
    Charlotte Gollubier
    E. Robert and Barbara Goodkind
    Dr. Marianne Goodman
    Judy and George L. Graff
    Dr. William Greene
    Hilda and Paul Greenfield
    Camila Grello
    The Grodzins Fund
    Mrs. Grecia Gross
    Mr. Peter Gruenberger and Dr. Carin Lamm
    Gail Guillet
    Mr. and Mrs. Mingwei Guo
    Dianne McKeever and Shreyas Gupta
    Mr.* and Mrs. John H. Gutfreund
    Sarina W. Gwirtzman
    Lawrence and Joyce Haber
    Douglas F. and Mary H. Hager
    Edward Hall
    Cheryl and Fred Halpern
    Marian Hamilton
    Peter Hamilton
    Taylor Hanex
    Yvonne and Kenneth Hannan
    Conrad and Marsha Harper
    JoAnna Hartzmark
    Dr. Phyllis Hattis
    Susan M. Havranek
    Jack Hayflick and Karen Cohen
    Benjamin F. Heidlage
    Dan Herbatschek
    Jeffrey Higdon and Barbara Antmann
    Mr. and Mrs. Arthur I. Hirsch
    The Rochelle and David A. Hirsch Foundation
    Gisela Hobman
    Tom and Libby Hollahan
    John Holmes
    Ms. Susan Hom
    Julia Horner
    Rosa and John H. Hovey
    Elena Hovey and Robert Almodovar
    Lance Howard
    Richard R. Howe and Elizabeth C. Howe
    Marcie and Fred Imberman
    Martha R. Ingram
    Susan Isaacs and Elkan Abramowitz
    J&AR Foundation
    Mrs. Linda M. Jerrow
    Dr. Beverly Elmyra Johnson
    Eva and Jim* Judelson
    Katherine Kaczor
    Craig M. Kahler and Tim Blaquiere
    Alice Kaplan
    Avi Katz
    Frances Kazan
    Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Keegan
    Misbah Khan
    Irina Kimelfeld
    Sydney Kindler
    Carla Kleinhappel
    Kathy Klingenstein and Robert Miller
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Kobel
    Mitchell Koeppel
    Jane Koltsova
    Venetia Kontogouris
    Toby and Paul Koren
    Marilyn and Paul* Kramer
    Janet Kraus
    Roberta and Arnie Krumholz
    David Kuck
    Lai and M. Kitsis
    Bruce and Lori Laitman Rosenblum
    Mrs. W. Loeber Landau
    Dr. Raymond and Ms. Adriana LaRaja
    Ms. Joan A. Leake
    Dr. Martin Lederman
    Dr. Dorothy Kim Lee and Victor Han
    Aija Lee: In memory of Dr. Woon Soon Lee
    Ms. Marian Leibowitz
    Joan M. Leiman
    Christopher Lenoci
    Phyllis and Bernard Leventhal
    Carol and Stanley Levy
    Marjory and John J. Lewin
    Donna Sydney Lewis
    Cynthia Lilley and Peter Heinrich
    Yongwhan Lim and Grace C. Lim
    Susan B. and Arthur Lindenauer
    Naomi and Marvin Lipman
    Mr. and Mrs. George Little
    Kristen Lopez
    Alan Lorber and Bonnie Wolpe
    Norm Lotz and Chantal Bruchez-Hall
    Edward and Marisol Mafoud
    Reeva and Ezra Mager
    Thomas Maguire and Patricia Dempsey
    Heidi and Edward D. Makowski
    Stephen Malamud
    Justin A. Manus
    Christopher Marks
    Mrs. Spencer Scott Marsh III
    Jessica O. Marsh
    Mr. and Mrs. Les Marshak
    Jane Martinez
    Mr. and Mrs. George G. Matthews
    Will Matus
    Michael H. Mayfield
    Kevin McAuliffe and Katharine Frase
    Cheryne and David McBride
    Thomas J. and Diahn McGrath
    Misty McGurgan
    Anne McIlvaine
    Matt McKay and Zak Profera
    Kathleen McKenna
    Dr. John E. Meade
    Jay J. Meltzer*
    Linda and Sheldon Meltzner
    Amy and Philip Mezey
    Paula P. Michtom
    Brendan H. Miller
    Gail Shields-Miller and Andrew Miller
    Eben Moglen
    Thomas and Margo Mohr
    Paul and Sandra Montrone
    Ursula Healy Moran
    Genevieve Morritt and Dr. Steven Brooks
    Katrina Mouquin
    Michael and Jane Murphy
    Eva and Howard Nacht Foundation: In honor of Ronald S. Pohl
    Lynn Nesbit
    Marjorie Neuwirth
    Ian Niederhoffer
    Floyd Norris and Chris Bockelmann
    Melanie Franco Nussdorf
    Patricia and William O’Connor
    Jaine Oneill
    Jonathan B. Osser
    Dr. Anthony Paciello and Dr. Dianne Rose
    Valerie Paley
    Steve and Martha Palmer
    Lori and Lee Parks
    Adam Parrish
    Jerry Perl
    Alan Pesky
    Steven and Michele Pesner
    Barry and Joanne Peters
    Eugene A. Petracca, Jr.
    Joe Pfifferling
    Maria Piastre
    Jules L. Plangere, III
    Irene Pletka
    Catherine and Leon Pollack
    Ronnie N. Potter
    Harold* and Judy Prince
    Joe and Mary Lou Quinlan
    Nathaniel Rabin
    Amy and Adam Raboy
    Mr. and Mrs. Clyde E. Rankin, III
    Marie Redetzki
    Albert Reiss
    Allen G. Reiter
    R. Bruce and Melissa Rich
    Fred and Eve Richardson
    Michael Roberts
    Dr. and Mrs. Howard Rodin
    Mr. John Romanow and Mrs. Barbara Muller
    Christina and Matt Rooney
    Sarah Rosen
    Libby and Seth Rosen
    Dr. and Mrs. Michael G. Rothenberg
    Sheila Rothman
    Martin G. Ruckel
    Mr. Marvin Sandler and Dr. Mimi Berman-Sandler
    Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Schacht
    Sheira and Steven Schacter
    Carol Schepker and Ronald Miller
    Jeffrey Scheuer
    The Schildkraut Charitable Trust
    Mitchell Schlansky and Laura Blank
    Matthew Schneider
    Wendy Simon Schwartz
    Peter Scola
    Dr. Philip Scott and Dr. Susan Gardner
    Mark Seader and Susan Black
    Anne Segal and Mark Silverschotz
    Leonora Seid and Larry Fischer
    Michael Sekus and Bianca Russo
    Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Seligman
    Sandra Semel
    Jill and Robert Serling
    Audrey Lou Sevin
    Jill and Jack Shaifer
    Ellie and Howard* Shapiro
    Harriet E. Shapiro: In memory of Abraham L. Zylberberg
    Mr. Seth P. Sherman
    Nicholas J. and Marisa D. Sheumack
    Chia-Jen Siao
    Sills Family Fund
    Lila R. Silverman
    Mr. and Mrs. Pierce S. Sioussat
    Luciana Siracusano
    Marlene Marko Skeist, MD and Loren Skeist
    Jill S. Slater
    Morton and Judith Sloan
    Anna Snider
    Annaliese Soros
    David A. Soto
    Jason Spiro
    Dr. Ioannis Stamos
    Amelia Starr and Matthew Ziehl
    Andrew and Patricia Steffan
    Linda B. Stern
    Sydney and Jonathan Stern
    Warren and Susan Stern
    Trevor and Margaret Stewart
    Harriet Stollman
    Beverley and Sabin Streeter
    David P. Stuhr
    Frances A. Taber and Barry Lenson
    Eduardo Tamraz
    Betty and David Tananbaum
    Henry Tang
    Hollie M. Teslow
    Dr. Vladlen Timciuc
    L.M. Timpson and Kate Cammarata
    Glen and Lynn Tobias
    Jeffrey Tobias
    Coralie S. Toevs
    Richard Troxel
    Intellectulaw, The Law Offices of P.B. Tufariello, P.C.
    Robert Tung
    Lucille Tung Wong and Dr. Tony Wong
    Max Van Gilder and Georgette Jasen
    Elizabeth and Dr. Harry L. Wachen
    David Wachtel and Susan Frunzi
    Dr. David Waldman and Dr. Georgia Lind
    Alexander and Claire Wang
    Diana Wang
    Wei Wang and Lulu Lin
    Michele Warman and Larry Hirschfield
    Evelene Wechsler
    Harriet and Paul* Weissman
    Joan Weltz and Arthur Field
    Jane A. West
    Dr. Howard Wexler
    David Whitaker
    Paula and Rob Whitman
    Barry Wiener
    Dr. Walter Williamson and Dr. Karen Zier
    Kenneth and Rosemary Willman
    Dr. Joe Wisenblit
    Jacob Wohlstadter
    Joanne J. and Robert H. Yunich
    Laszlo Zaborszky
    Saul Zalkin and Cedric Walker
    Judy Francis Zankel
    Mrs. Linda Zaro
    Mark Zorger
    Audrey Y. Zucker
    Ken and Leslie Zuckerbrot
    Dr. Harriet Zuckerman
    15 Anonymous Donors

    * Deceased

    As of 11/15/22

  • Heritage Society
    Ronnie P. Ackman and Lawrence D. Ackman*
    Ms. Linda Yvonne Adler
    Nancy Allen
    Edward Alley*
    Lorelei Alterman
    Leo M. Alves and Patricia A. Grove
    Ellyn Amron Austin
    Gail F. Baker
    Janet Bartucci-Samuel
    Ruth L. Bauman: In memory of Helen Bauman
    Judith-Anne Beard*
    Dr. Kurt Becker and Ms. Joyce Weinstein
    David* and Marion Benedict
    Suzanne Bennett
    Joan Benson
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Bernheim
    Davi Ascher Strauss Bernstein
    Elizabeth Alford Beskin
    Elizabeth Betts*
    Alison Blackman and John Dunham
    The Honorable* and Mrs. Donald M. Blinken
    Barbara Herbst Bohmart: In loving memory of Joel K. Bohmart, Esq.
    Edith S. Bouriez
    Carol and Robert Braun
    James T. Brown, Jr.*
    Estate of Norma Bruhl*
    Eliane Bukantz*
    C.T. Bundy, 2d*
    Lois Burke
    Marcel Cardoso
    Vincenzo Carollo
    Judith Champion*
    Naomi J. Chandler*
    Rev. Chawanda Charae
    Josseline Charas
    Dr. Osman Cigeroglu
    David Cohen and Dr. Sylvia Katz Johann
    Betsy L. Cohn
    Charles Edward Cole*
    Trust of Lucy A. Cooledge
    Mrs. James W. Crystal
    Ann Denburg Cummis
    Mr. Michael V. Curran
    Harrison R. T. Davis
    Connie and Stephen Delehanty
    Mr. Frank DelliSanti RPh.
    Dr. Anthony Demma
    Glenn Dicterow
    Adnan Divjan
    Dr. Richard Donovan
    Diane C. Dunne
    Dr. Joan Eliasoph*
    Edna Mae* and Leroy Fadem
    George L. Farrington Ph.D.
    Romana R. Farrington Ph.D.
    Richard A. Feit
    James Ferrara
    Nancy Dotterer Field
    Stephen W. Fillo
    Stuart M. Fischman
    Lorraine Fox
    Dale M. Frehse
    Chaim S. Freiberg
    Harvey Fried*
    William B. Garrison*
    Merwin Geffen, M.D.* and Norman Solomon, M.D.
    Elizabeth and Larry* Gelb
    Mrs. Carol Gertz
    Miriam Goldman*
    Katherine Greene
    Kathleen Gresser-Bennett
    Edmund A. Grossman
    Paul and Diane Guenther
    Susan Gullia
    Barbara H. Haas*
    Dr. and Mrs. John B. Haney
    Gurnee and Marjorie Hart
    Francis J. Harvey Jr.
    Rita E. Hauser and Gustave M. Hauser*
    Virginia Helene Havrilka*
    Barbara Haws and William Josephson
    John B. Hebard
    Arthur and Lyn Hirsch
    Diane Deschamps Hockstader
    Drs. Noel and Patricia Holmgren
    Dr.* and Mrs.* Irwin Honigfeld
    Lun Chia Hsu
    Barbara C. Humphrey
    Andre M. Hurni and Deborah A. Kempe
    Merry Ivanoff
    Harold Jacobs*
    Mrs. Marianne Jaffe*
    Shirley Johns
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Johnson
    Mrs. Marcia Joondeph*
    Peter H. Judd
    Howard Kaneff*
    Mr.* and Mrs. Murray S. Katz
    Mindy Kaufman
    Sara Kennedy
    Jeffry Kieffer
    Ms. Susan Grant and Mr. Brian A. King
    Thomas C. and Jody P.* King
    Jerry Kleinman
    Andrea Klepetar-Fallek*
    Marilyn and Paul* Kramer
    Barbara and Stuart Kreisberg
    Thomas Lalla
    Barbara Lang Stern*
    Nora Roberts Leidesdorf
    Arthur S. Leonard
    Dr. Martin and Rosanne Leshner
    Barbara Lewis
    John C. Lieff
    Robert V. Lindsay
    Catherine Lomuscio
    Alan Lorber and Bonnie Wolpe
    Florence Lotrowski
    Virginia S. Lyon
    James A. Magenheimer
    Carol and Daniel Marcus
    Dr. Evelyn S. Marienberg
    Cynthia and Michael* Marks
    Gillian Marshall
    Kyung Master
    Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Matacotta
    Paul Matwiow
    Millie and David McCoy
    Barbara McCullough
    Thomas J. and Diahn McGrath
    Ann McHugh, Ph.D.
    William H. Mears
    Marisa Medeiros
    Phyllis Melhado
    Phyllis J. Mills
    Dr. Susan Mintzer and Mr. Michael Mintzer
    Rosalind Miranda and John McLintock*
    Carol Morton
    Anne M. Morris
    Andrew and Linda Mossa
    Malcolm Murray
    Dr.* and Mrs. Sidney Nearenberg
    Elizabeth and Frank Newman
    Charles F. and Anne M. Niemeth
    David Obelkevich
    Ronald Oleet
    Katherine and Gary W. Parr
    Howard Pien*
    Barbara S. Pollack
    Charles A. Pope Trust
    Susan Porter
    William Raff
    Francis Rasmus
    The Kurtis and Mary Reed Foundation
    Mrs. Kurtis Reed
    Angela Reich, Ph.D.
    Joan Reicherter
    Mr. and Mrs. Neil Remland
    Jack H. Resnick and Rhoda B. Resnick
    Laura A. Ressner
    Martin Riskin
    Evelyn and Paul Ronell
    Paula L. Root
    Seth Rosner
    Joan Ross*
    Dede and Michael Rothenberg
    Linda and Jeffrey Rothstein
    Gretchen Gair Royce
    Ravi Rozdon
    Dr. Cheryl Rubin and Mr. Gordon Borteck
    Nancy B. Rubinger
    Carol Brown Ruffo and Daniel J. Ruffo
    Arlene Lidsky Salomon and Chester B. Salomon
    Judy and Dirk Salz
    Eduardo Sánchez-Iriarte R.
    Frank and Lolita Savage
    Carol and Chuck Schaefer
    Robert C. Schmadel, Jr.
    Myrna W. Schore
    Rosa L. Schupbach*
    M. Schwaller
    Connie and Durelle Scott
    John Seaman*
    Michael Sekus and Bianca Russo
    Fred Sheim
    Sara and Warren Sherman
    Robert D. Sholiton
    Ruth M. Silverman*
    Mrs. Harold Smith
    Dr. and Mrs. Peter Som
    Stephen Stamas
    Martha Roby Stephens
    Royce Stern and John Stout
    Carol H. Stix
    Anne H. Strauss*
    PaulaMarie Susi
    Ms. Teresa Tamburlini
    Kenny Tan
    Lynda Tepperman
    Michele Thorpe
    Leo J. Tick
    Ms. Jan Hopkins-Trachtman and Mr. Richard Trachtman
    Edith F. Unger
    Ernie Vickroy
    Myrtle Wagner*
    Adriane Ann Wallace
    Deborah and Thomas Wallace
    Helen Waltuck
    Nick and Sally Webster
    Joan Weltz and Arthur Field
    Barbara B. and Frank P.* Wendt
    Lucille Werlinich
    Jess Weston* and Mary Mok Weston
    Carol Andrea Whitcomb
    Agnes Wladyka
    Elizabeth J. Wolf*
    Zen and Babs* Yonkovig
    Shirley Young*
    Michele Zalkin
    Saul L. Zalkin
    John Zeugner
    Perri Zweifler
    Mr.* and Mrs.* Ernest Zweig
    26 Anonymous Members

    * Deceased

    As of 11/16/22


Institutional Donors

The New York Philharmonic is grateful for the support of the following foundations, corporations, and government entities. We recognize their year's worth of incredible gifts and in-kind contributions to our artistic initiatives, educational programs, and special events. To learn more about how to become involved with the Philharmonic, please contact Maricha Miles, Director, Institutional & Corporate Giving, at or (212) 870-8852.

  • Institutional Support

    Corporate and Foundation Support

    GIFTS OF $500,000 OR MORE

    Francis Goelet Charitable Lead Trusts
    Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Foundation
    Leon Levy Foundation
    Starr International Foundation

    GIFTS OF $250,000 OR MORE

    Accordant Advisors
    Howard Gilman Foundation
    The Hearst Foundations
    The Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation, Inc.
    Gregory Annenberg Weingarten, GRoW @ Annenberg

    GIFTS OF $100,000 OR MORE
    Baker McKenzie
    Haynes and Boone, LLP
    The Kaplen Brothers Fund
    The Gerald L. Lennard Foundation
    Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Inc
    Mitsui & Co. (U.S.A.), Inc.
    Donald A. Pels Charitable Trust

    GIFTS OF $50,000 OR MORE
    Arthur F. and Alice E. Adams Charitable Foundation
    Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC
    Audrey Love Charitable Foundation
    The Shubert Foundation, Inc.
    The Staten Island Foundation
    Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation

    GIFTS OF $25,000 OR MORE
    Joseph and Sophia Abeles Foundation
    Amazon Web Services
    Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation
    The Theodore H. Barth Foundation
    Bank of China
    Herbert M. Citrin Charitable Foundation
    Constans Culver Foundation
    First Republic
    The Marc Haas Foundation
    The Ambrose Monell Foundation
    The Prospect Hill Foundation
    Billy Rose Foundation, Inc.
    The C.F. Roe Slade Foundation
    Steinway & Sons

    GIFTS OF $10,000 OR MORE
    Frank and Lydia Bergen Foundation
    Consulate General of the Netherlands in New York
    The Victor Herbert Foundation, Inc.
    Jephson Educational Trusts
    League of American Orchestras
    Barbro Osher Pro Suecia Foundation
    The Rochlis Family Foundation
    Leo Rosner Foundation
    Adolph and Ruth Schnurmacher Foundation, Inc.
    Sphinx Venture Fund

    GIFTS OF $5,000 OR MORE
    The ASCAP Foundation
    The Dana Foundation
    Marie G. Dennett Foundation
    Richard Lounsbery Foundation
    The Domenico Paulon Foundation
    Alan and Katherine Stroock Fund
    The Rudolph and Lentilhon G. Von Fluegge Foundation
    Ann Eden Woodward Foundation

    GIFTS OF $2,500 OR MORE
    Armanino LLP
    Chanel Inc
    Helen Matchett Demario Foundation
    High Point Networks, LLC
    Out Magazine
    The Philip W. Riskin Charitable Foundation

    Government Support

    National Endowment for the Arts
    National Endowment for the Humanities
    New York City Department of Cultural Affairs
    New York State Council on the Arts
    The Hon. Gale A. Brewer, New York City Council

    As of 11/16/2022