Support the Philharmonic with a Gift of Securities

Many people choose to contribute to the New York Philharmonic by transferring securities rather than making a direct contribution of cash. There are several ways to transfer stock to the Philharmonic. The most convenient way to donate stock to the Philharmonic is to use electronic wire transfer.

You may have your bank or broker wire transfer the securities directly into the Philharmonic’s account at Morgan Stanley. Please inform Kevin R. Zalanskas, II, Financial Advisor, at 1 Penn Plaza, 43rd Floor, New York, New York 10119. Telephone: (212) 613-6836; fax: (917) 778-0879. Email both and about incoming contributions. Donating securities has several tax benefits — please consult with your tax professional for specific tax advice.

Support the Philharmonic with a Gift via Electronic Wire Transfer

You may choose to make your contribution to the New York Philharmonic via wire transfer. Please contact or (212) 875-5381 for account information and to ensure proper crediting of your gift.