David Geffen Hall is accessible to individuals with disabilities in several locations:

  • • Either side of the Josie Robertson Plaza stairs on Columbus Avenue.
  • • The Concourse (below David Geffen Hall) has access for car service/taxi drop off with an accessible ramp. Please use Drive-Through on the east side of Amsterdam Avenue at 64th.
  • • Elevator access from the Concourse Level to the Plaza level is adjacent to the David H. Koch Theater.
  • • The entrance to the accessible parking garage on the concourse level is located at Amsterdam Avenue and 63rd Street.
  • • An automated door is located on the southeast side of the building for easy access to David Geffen Hall. Simply press the device on the wall to open the door.

Accessible Seating
Wheelchair accessible seating is available in each level of David Geffen Hall. To purchase online look for the wheelchair symbol wheelchair. You can also purchase the additional, adjacent companion seats. To order by phone call Customer Relations at (212) 875-5656 Monday through Friday 10 AM to 6 PM, Saturday 1 PM to 6 PM, and Sunday 12 PM to 5 PM.

Wheelchair accessible seating is reserved for the exclusive use of individuals with disabilities who require the features of this type of seating. The purchase or use of these accessible seating locations by non-disabled individuals is strictly prohibited. If the individual with a disability cannot attend an event for which he/she has purchased tickets, please call Customer Relations at (212) 875-5656.

Braille and Large Type Programs
Available for all New York Philharmonic concerts. The programs may be obtained at Window 7, located in the main lobby of David Geffen Hall, or at the Head Usher’s Podium, located on the Orchestra Level.

Sennheiser Infrared Systems
Headsets and loops are available for patrons with hearing impairment. A major credit card or driver's license is needed as a security deposit. Please see the House Manager on the Orchestra Level.

Car Service & Taxi-Cab Drop Off, Concourse Level: for those who require accessibility to Vivian Beaumont Theater, Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater, David Geffen Hall, and Metropolitan Opera — use the Drive Through (North Tunnel); enter on the east side of Amsterdam Avenue located at 64th Street.

Accessible Parking Entrance, Concourse Level: use the South Tunnel, on the east side of Amsterdam Avenue located at 63rd Street. When exiting, use the accessible ramp; follow signs either "To All Theaters" or "To Elevator."

Roslyn and Elliot Jaffe Drive, Concourse Level: enter downward ramp on west side of Columbus Avenue located just a few feet from the southwest corner of 65th Street - before the Drop-Off Ramps or Lincoln Center's Grand Stair. There are two accessible escalators, one on the north end leading up to David Geffen Hall, one on the south end leading up to David H. Koch Theater. This accessible entrance area is called the Bruce and Robbi Toll Port-cochère, where the elevator (see below) is located that leads up to David H. Koch Theater.

Drop-Off Ramps, Plaza Level: for David H. Koch Theater (formerly known as New York State Theater) the accessible entrance is on the west side of Columbus Avenue located at 63rd street. And for David Geffen Hall, the accessible entrance is on the west side of Columbus Avenue located at 64th Street. Continuing further along either ramp will lead toward Vivian Beaumont Theater, Metropolitan Opera, and Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater.

Alice Tully Hall Accessible Ramp, Plaza Level: enter on the northwest corner of 65th Street located just a few-dozen feet from Broadway.

Public Elevator Access: adjacent to David H. Koch Theater, there is an accessible elevator going from the Concourse Level to the Plaza Level.

For Up-to-date Accessibility Information: www.lincolncenter.org
Programs and Services for People with Disabilities (PSPD): (212) 875-5375

General Information
If you have further questions, please call (212) 875-5000.