Our VYC Bridge targets middle school children who are often graduates of the VYC Schools, but is open to all children in the community ages 10 and up. Bridge students receive more individualized attention with classrooms staffed with 6 to 7 Teaching Artists per classroom of about 20. Students dive deep into their creativity curiosities while developing compositional independence.

VYC Bridge is split into 3 classes: Bridge I, Bridge II and Postgrad, with Bridge I holding our youngest composers. Bridge I and II consist of 18 two-hour sessions from 4:30pm – 6:30pm, January through June.

Post-Grad Bridge, our most senior group, consists of 11, bi-weekly classes. Postgrad composers are exposed to a more advance study of composition and project-management, with in-depth listening, musical analysis and classroom discussion. Students are also given a leg-up on the granting writing process

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