Explore great lesson plans and other materials designed by Philharmonic Teaching Artists. All plans have been classroom tested and are available in text-searchable PDF format.

Young People’s Concerts for Schools: Resource Materials

Lessons created for New York Philharmonic’s award-winning Young People’s Concerts for Schools.

Coming to New York — Immigrant Voices (2019)
An African-American Legacy — The Harlem Renaissance (2018)
New World Symphony: In Search of an American Voice, Elementary Schools (2017)
New World Symphony: In Search of an American Voice, Middle & High Schools (2017)
Jean Sibelius: Music of a Hero, Music of a Nation (2016)
Mendelssohn’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Music of Two Worlds (2015)
Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra: Journeys of a Theme (2014)
Scheherazade: A Musical Fantasy (2013)
Billy the Kid and Rodeo: Musical Transformations (2012)
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Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony: Man and Nature (2011)
Petrushka (2010)
Music with an Accent (2008)
The Art of Listening (2008)
Revolutions In Sound: Romanticism in Music (2007)
Who Makes Music? - The Orchestra (2006)
Stories from Around the World (2005)
Who Makes Music? - The Conductor (2005)
Pulcinella and the Haydn Trumpet Concerto (2004)
El Amor Brujo (2003)
Mendelssohn's Italian Symphony (2001)
Orchestration in Ravel and Rimsky-Korsakov (2001)
Vivaldi's Double Cello Concerto (2000)

Additional Resources

Puzzles, games, activities, musician interviews, and more.

Activity Book for Kids
Level 1 Musical Journal
Level 2 Musical Journal
Level 3 Musical Journal
Meet A Musician
Meet our Young Composer's Advocate – Read an interview with Jon Deak, our Young Composer’s Advocate, as he discusses his work to encourage musical creativity in kids.

Teacher Seminars

Working with school districts and teacher groups, the Philharmonic designs and offers stimulating seminars for music educators.

Sample Workshop: Exploring Inquiry Through an Encounter with Handel's Messiah

The Philharmonic's Education Department developed this daylong session with the Integrated Curriculum and Instruction Learning Support Organization of New York City, with the aim of strengthening instruction in music classes and ensembles K-12.

  • Teaching Artist David Wallace led an opening session uncovering the many forms of inquiry embedded in arts learning.
  • Participants attended a New York Philharmonic rehearsal of Messiah to identify the forms of inquiry they use in hearing the work.
  • Organist and conductor Kent Tritle discussed the many questions he considers in preparing and performing a work like Messiah.
  • In groups, participants reflected on their inquiry-based experience of Messiah, and brainstormed ways to make inquiry explicit in their classes and ensembles.