Explore great lesson plans and other materials designed by Philharmonic Teaching Artists. All plans have been classroom tested and are available in text-searchable PDF format. Be sure to check out our student lessons and activities on the Student Connection page. Great student focused content for grades 3-12.

Young People’s Concerts for Schools: Resource Materials

Lessons created for the New York Philharmonic’s award-winning Young People’s Concerts for Schools.

Music as a Change Agent (2020)
Coming to New York — Immigrant Voices (2019)
An African-American Legacy — The Harlem Renaissance (2018)
New World Symphony: In Search of an American Voice, Elementary Schools (2017)
New World Symphony: In Search of an American Voice, Middle & High Schools (2017)
Jean Sibelius: Music of a Hero, Music of a Nation (2016)
Mendelssohn’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Music of Two Worlds (2015)
Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra: Journeys of a Theme (2014)
Scheherazade: A Musical Fantasy (2013)
Billy the Kid and Rodeo: Musical Transformations (2012)
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Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony: Man and Nature (2011)
Petrushka (2010)
Music with an Accent (2008)
The Art of Listening (2008)
Revolutions In Sound: Romanticism in Music (2007)
Who Makes Music? - The Orchestra (2006)
Stories from Around the World (2005)
Who Makes Music? - The Conductor (2005)
Pulcinella and the Haydn Trumpet Concerto (2004)
El Amor Brujo (2003)
Mendelssohn’s Italian Symphony (2001)
Orchestration in Ravel and Rimsky-Korsakov (2001)
Vivaldi's Double Cello Concerto (2000)

Additional Resources

Puzzles, games, activities, musician interviews, and more.

Activity Book for Kids
Level 1 Musical Journal
Level 2 Musical Journal
Level 3 Musical Journal