Activities that inspire children in grades 3 through 5 to discover their musical creativity, engage with orchestral music, and more. Philharmonic Teaching Artists lead musical warm-ups and offer creative ideas to prompt composition.

Sounds of the Galaxy

Composer Fazil Say takes us on an exploration of the galaxy using a range of unusual instruments in his piece Universe, Symphony No. 3. Join New York Philharmonic Teaching Artist Zeynep Alpan on a soundtastic trip through the cosmos.

Choose Your Own Accompaniment Adventure

Philharmonic Teaching Artist Justin Hines introduces us to a variety of options when it comes to creating musical accompaniments for our melodies.

Grooves That Move You

Dance, march, or shuffle — sometimes it’s hard to stay still when you hear certain music. Discover the science behind why we move to music with Philharmonic Teaching Artist Justin Hines.

I Have an Idea!

What do you do when a brilliant musical idea suddenly pops into your head? Composer and Philharmonic Teaching Artist Molly Herron gives us some tips on how to capture those musical ideas so you don't forget them!

Some Ways of Developing a Melody

Composer and Philharmonic Teaching Artist Jacinta Clusellas provides us with more tips on how to develop our melodies.

My Creative Neighborhood

Each neighborhood has its own identity, with the people, places, sounds, smells, and sights that shape its character. In this exploration, Philharmonic Teaching Artist Angélica Negrón shows us all the ways we can find creative inspiration from our own neighborhoods.

Creating a Palette of Sounds

Get lost with Project 19 composer Angélica Negrón on an adventure through sound in her piece Me he perdido. Discover how Negrón's early training as a violinist eventually led her to experiment in sound with ordinary objects.

Making Strides

Discover how Project 19 composer Tania León’s Stride brings sections of the orchestra together to present the struggle for women’s suffrage and the passing of the 19th Amendment.