David Geffen Hall Project

Benefits & Privileges

  • What is a subscription?
    The New York Philharmonic offers two types of subscriptions: A Curated Series subscription, designed by the New York Philharmonic, guarantees you a specific seat for each performance in your series. Offering the very best prices and benefits, it gives you the opportunity to renew your same series and seats year over year. You also lock in your prices, so not only do you never pay any fees for any exchanges you need to make, you also don’t have to worry about rising costs if a concert you want is selling out.

    A Create Your Own subscription allows you to pick and choose your own dates to fit your schedule. You’ll be seated ahead of the general public and benefit from our no-fee ticket exchange feature.
  • Why subscribe?
    For better seats at a lower price, scheduling freedom and much more!

    Best Possible Seats As they are seated before the general public, subscribers get the best possible seats.

    Schedule Freedom Schedule conflict? No problem. Just exchange your tickets for any other subscription concert in the season. You can exchange your tickets online, over the phone, via mail or in person.

    Insider Access to Great Seats Subscribers get the first chance to grab tickets for the concerts they want, and exclusive access to the priority waiting list for sold-out events.

    Subscriber Premium Rewards Save at restaurants, bookstores, parking garages, and more.
  • What are Add-On tickets?
    Subscribers can order additional individual tickets at the discounted subscription rate all year long, even after single tickets go on sale to the general public.
  • Can Add-On tickets be seated next to my subscription seats?
    If tickets are available next to your subscription tickets we will seat you together. However, this is not usually the case because subscription seats are in high-demand locations.
  • What if I'm unable to attend a concert?

    You can exchange your tickets, donate them back to the Philharmonic for possible re-sale, or transfer your tickets to a friend. Here's how:
    Subscribers can exchange tickets for another subscription concert as long as tickets are available.

    Exchanges and donations are available for the 2020–21 season starting in late July, 2020.

    In Person: Visit the David Geffen Hall Box Office up to two hours before the scheduled concert time to exchange tickets.

    By Mail: Send your exchange request to:

    New York Philharmonic Exchange Desk
    10 Lincoln Center Plaza
    New York, NY 10023-6970

    Your request must be received no later than 48 hours before the start time of the concert you are exchanging.

    On the Phone: Call Customer Relations at (212) 875-5656 Monday through Friday 10:00AM–6:00PM, Saturday 1:00 PM–6:00 PM, and Sunday noon–5:00 PM. Phone exchanges must be completed at least two hours before the concert you wish to attend.
    You can give your tickets to a friend. Now we make it easy for you to pass your tickets to your friend. Just call (212) 875-5656 at least 2 hours before concert time to have the tickets transferred to your friend’s name and held at will call.
    You may donate your tickets, which qualifies as a tax-deductible contribution to the New York Philharmonic. There are no refunds of purchased tickets and subscriptions.
  • Subscriber Benefits
    • Best Seats & Prices
      Purchase your subscription seats at a discounted price and save on additional tickets to subscription concerts all season long.
    • Flexibility
      Enjoy easy ticket exchange with no fees (available online or by phone), saving you $20 per ticket exchange.
    • Special Events & Insider Access
      Attend Q&A sessions with Philharmonic musicians and guest artists. Plus, get exclusive access to the priority waiting list for sold-out concerts.
    • Subscriber Premium Rewards
      Enjoy discounts at a variety of local restaurants and businesses.

How to Buy


  • May I make a contribution when I subscribe?
    Yes! Contributions keep the Orchestra thriving. Although our concerts are often sold out, ticket sales cover less than half of our costs. You can include a contribution whether you subscribe online, in person, or by mail, fax, or phone. (Online, you will have an opportunity to make a contribution when you check out.)

    In addition to ensuring the high level of performing excellence for which the New York Philharmonic is revered worldwide, your contribution also enhances the benefits of being a subscriber! Depending on the amount of your gift, you may enjoy the benefits of being a Friend or Patron of the Philharmonic. Please include a tax-deductible gift with your subscription today! To learn more about the benefits of giving, please see the Membership Programs section. You may also call our Friends Office at
    (212) 875-5381 or our Patron Office at (212) 875-5690.
  • Should my payment be for my first or second-choice section?
    When you order, your first-choice seating section is used to calculate the price. If we cannot seat you in your first-choice section, you will receive a refund for the difference between your first- and second choices; if your second choice is more expensive, you will be charged for the difference.
  • Which credit cards do you accept?
    We accept the following major credit cards: American Express, MasterCard, Diners Club, Visa, and Discover.
  • May I pay with more than one credit card?
    Multiple credit cards are not accepted for a single online transaction. Multiple credit cards are accepted via mail, fax, and phone.
  • May I pay a deposit to reserve my subscription?
    You may take advantage of a 3-part payment plan by purchasing with a credit card through Customer Relations. Payment plans are only available for Curated packages during the renewal period. Checks and cash cannot be accepted for a payment plan. For more details, contact Customer Relations at (212) 875-5656. Please note: the $12 transaction fee will be applied, and any incentives for early renewal will not be granted.

Seating & Pricing

Ticket Exchange

  • Can I purchase additional tickets with my exchange?
    Additional tickets may be purchased in a separate transaction. We recommend that you complete your exchange, then begin a new order to purchase additional tickets.
  • Which tickets and concerts are eligible for exchange?
    Subscription concerts are eligible for exchange into other subscription concerts. Special Events are exchangeable into other Special Events. Events outside of David Geffen Hall are not available for exchange. Tickets cannot be exchanged into a future season. Single tickets (tickets purchased outside of a subscription) are only available for exchange online or at the David Geffen Hall Box Office. Single tickets accrue a $20 per ticket exchange fee. Discounted single tickets are not available for exchange.
  • Is there a fee for exchanging tickets?
    Subscription Tickets and Add-On tickets can be exchanged at no additional fee (however, there may be an additional charge if the new concert or seats are a higher price). Individual ticket orders purchased outside of a subscription will accrue a $20 per-ticket exchange fee. Open Rehearsals will accrue a $5 per-ticket exchange fee.
  • If I exchange a subscription ticket that I purchased as part of a promotion, will I keep my discount?
    Promotional discounts only apply to the ticket at the time of purchase. If you need to exchange your tickets for another date, you will be prompted to pay any differences in price between your promotional rate and the regular subscription rate. However, as a subscriber you still enjoy savings: regular subscription ticket prices are lower than regular single ticket prices. In addition, the exchange fee ($20 per ticket) is waived for subscribers.

Redeem Subscription Vouchers

Location and Event Information

  • Where do the concerts take place?
    Unless otherwise noted, all concerts take place at David Geffen Hall, Home of the New York Philharmonic. David Geffen Hall is located at Lincoln Center, West 65th and Broadway in Manhattan’s Upper West Side.
  • How do I get to David Geffen Hall?
    You may visit our Plan Your Visit page for directions to David Geffen Hall, parking information, restaurant recommendations, and more.
  • What if dates, artists, or programs change?
    Occasionally there are unavoidable changes to the originally-announced concert date, guest artist, or program, and we strive to notify you via phone or email when this happens. Your tickets for such concerts are valid regardless of the change and are not refundable.