The New York Philharmonic

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Alan Gilbert Music Director
Case Scaglione Assistant Conductor
Joshua Weilerstein Assistant Conductor
Leonard Bernstein Laureate Conductor, 1943–1990
Kurt Masur Music Director Emeritus
Sheryl Staples Acting Concertmaster, The Charles E. Culpeper Chair
Michelle Kim Acting Principal Associate Concertmaster, The Elizabeth G. Beinecke Chair
Carol Webb Acting Assistant Concertmaster, The William Petschek Family Chair
Yoko Takebe  
Quan Ge The Gary W. Parr Chair
Hae-Young Ham The Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. George Chair
Lisa GiHae Kim  
Kuan Cheng Lu  
Newton Mansfield The Edward and Priscilla Pilcher Chair
Kerry McDermott  
Anna Rabinova  
Charles Rex The Shirley Bacot Shamel Chair
Fiona Simon  
Sharon Yamada  
Elizabeth Zeltser The William and Elfriede Ulrich Chair
Yulia Ziskel The Friends and Patrons Chair
Marc Ginsberg Principal
Lisa Kim * Associate Principal, In Memory of Laura Mitchell
Soohyun Kwon The Joan and Joel I. Picket Chair
Duoming Ba  
Marilyn Dubow The Sue and Eugene Mercy Jr. Chair
Martin Eshelman  
Judith Ginsberg  
Hyunju Lee  
Joo Young Oh  
Daniel Reed  
Mark Schmoockler  
Na Sun  
Vladimir Tsypin  
Shanshan Yao  
Cynthia Phelps Principal, The Mr. and Mrs. Frederick P. Rose Chair
Rebecca Young * Associate Principal, The Joan and Joel Smilow Chair
Irene Breslaw ** Assistant Principal, The Norma and Lloyd Chazen Chair
Dorian Rence  
Katherine Greene The Mr. and Mrs. William J. McDonough Chair
Dawn Hannay  
Vivek Kamath  
Peter Kenote  
Kenneth Mirkin  
Judith Nelson  
Rémi Pelletier  
Robert Rinehart The Mr. & Mrs. G. Chris Andersen Chair
Carter Brey Principal, The Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Chair
Eileen Moon * Associate Principal, The Paul and Diane Guenther Chair
Eric Bartlett +  
Maria Kitsopoulos  
Elizabeth Dyson The Mr. and Mrs. James E. Buckman Chair
Qiang Tu  
Nathan Vickery  
Ru-Pei Yeh The Credit Suisse Chair in honor of Paul Calello
Wei Yu  
Alexei Yupanqui Gonzales  
Patrick Jee  
Sumire Kudo  
Timothy Cobb Principal, The Redfield D. Beckwith Chair
Satoshi Okamoto Acting Associate Principal, The Herbert M. Citrin Chair
Orin O'Brien  
Max Zeugner Acting Associate Principal, The Herbert M. Citrin Chair
William Blossom The Ludmila S. and Carl B. Hess Chair
Randall Butler  
David J. Grossman  
Blake Hinson  
Rex Surany +  
Robert Langevin Principal, The Lila Acheson Wallace Chair
Sandra Church * Associate Principal
Yoobin Son  
Mindy Kaufman  
Mindy Kaufman  
Liang Wang Principal, The Alice Tully Chair
Sherry Sylar * Associate Principal
Robert Botti The Lizabeth and Frank Newman Chair
English Horn
Mark Nuccio Associate Principal
Pascual Martinez Forteza  
James Ognibene++  
E-Flat Clarinet
Mark Nuccio Associate Principal, The Honey M. Kurtz Family Chair
Bass Clarinet
James Ognibene++  
Judith LeClair Principal, The Pels Family Chair
Kim Laskowski * Associate Principal
Roger Nye The Rosalind Miranda Chair in memory of Shirley and Bill Cohen
Arlen Fast  
Arlen Fast  
Philip Myers Principal, The Ruth F. and Alan J. Broder Chair
R. Allen Spanjer The Rosalind Miranda Chair
Leelanee Sterrett  
Howard Wall  
Michael Gast ++ Acting Associate Principal
Audrey Flores ++  
Philip Smith Principal, The Paula Levin Chair
Matthew Muckey * Associate Principal
Ethan Bensdorf  
Thomas V. Smith  
Joseph Alessi Principal, The Gurnee F. and Marjorie L. Hart Chair
Jörgen van Rijen++* Acting Associate Principal Trombone
David Finlayson The Donna and Benjamin M. Rosen Chair
Bass Trombone
George Curran The Daria L. and William C. Foster Chair
Alan Baer Principal
Markus Rhoten Principal, The Carlos Moseley Chair
Kyle Zerna Assistant Principal Timpani
Christopher S. Lamb Principal, The Constance R. Hoguet Friends of the Philharmonic Chair
Daniel Druckman * Associate Principal, The Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Ulrich Chair
Kyle Zerna Assistant Principal Timpani
Nancy Allen Principal, The Mr. and Mrs. William T. Knight III Chair
Keyboard (Harpsichord, Piano, and Organ)
Paolo Bordignon  
Eric Huebner  
Kent Tritle  
Lawrence Tarlow Principal
Sandra Pearson ** Assistant Principal
Sara Griffin ** Assistant Principal
Orchestra Personnel Manager
Carl R. Schiebler  
Stage Representative
Joseph Faretta  
Audio Director
Lawrence Rock  
* Associate Principal
** Assistant Principal
+ On Leave
++ Replacement/Extra

The New York Philharmonic uses the revolving seating method for section string players who are listed alphabetically in the roster.

Honorary Members of the Society
Emanuel Ax
Pierre Boulez
Stanley Drucker
Lorin Maazel
Zubin Mehta


Keyboard (Harpsichord, Piano, and Organ) In Memory of Paul Jacobs